Style and prestige

Nothing like a pearl can elevate a woman's status in an instant. All you need is a string of pearls to be immediately chic and elegant. The essentiality of two pearl earrings illuminates your face with an unparalleled refinement. And everything becomes possible if you wear pearls: you will be more admired, respected, valued, considered, desired... Don't you believe it? And yet it's true! We call it "the charm of pearls": an enchantment that is renewed every day and can help you realize your dreams and ambitions. Let's discover it together.


A noble and precious history

Venice, cradle of the refined art of jewelry. Colpo & Zilio is the heir to this noble tradition: since 1978 our company designs and manufactures exclusive lines of jewelry for the most prestigious brands worldwide. An experience that today evolves with the creations signed by Lisa Colpo: unique jewels, with the pearls as absolute protagonists.

The secret of your success

In many professions, appearance and poise make all the difference. If you want to be successful, present yourself as a successful person! Are you a business woman and need to close an important deal? Are you a teacher or a speaker and are you preparing to speak in public? Wear pearls: you will strengthen credibility and prestige; you will achieve your goal.

A pearl jewel is a precious ally,
the secret that helps you to achieve excellent results.

Even in the forensic field, as every woman judge or lawyer knows well, a pearl ornament gives a more distinct and confident look. Do you have to face a job interview or an exam at the university? A pearl signed by Lisa Colpo is not just a lucky charm, but a jewel that makes you more brilliant and convincing for every interlocutor. Try it to believe it…


The charm of pearls

The light of a pearl really has something powerful, which positively affects the wearer. Have you been waiting a long time for the marriage proposal? Choose pearls: their aura of purity and nobility will make you immediately appear the ideal bride and mother in the eyes of your fiancé. On the occasion of dinners, shows or public events, pearls are always an ornament of great class: dutiful for etiquette, they make you the admired protagonist of the evening. Are you a little anxious to meet your future mother-in-law? With a string of pearls, you will immediately make a great impression and your relationship will start off on the right foot. Every mother is admired by her children, when a pearl lights up her face. And if you want to impress your husband, you know that a pearl jewel will make him look at you with love and tenderness: imagine an elegant and romantic evening, in which you will be wonderful at his side wearing a pearl edged pétite robe noire. This is the irresistible charm of pearls, enclosed in the exclusive creations of Lisa Colpo: the atelier of pearls.


The treasures of the distant seas

Each pearl selected by Lisa Colpo has made a long journey. An anthology of treasures collected in the distant seas, where the most beautiful dreams are born: the Akoya pearls from Japan, with the purest and brightest white that in some specimens can take on silvery, champagne or pink reflections; the Thaiti pearls, which cover the entire palette of greys to darken into the deepest black; the great Australian South Sea pearls, which arouse amazement for their size and sometimes shine with straw shades; the golden glow becomes intense and surprising in Gold pearls from the Philippines... Size, shine and unique nuances, enhanced in jewelry of great personality, for the woman who loves to stand out.