Made in Italy
Style and quality

These days the expression Made in Italy is often overused. For us it's an untouchable value, and even more so in the jewellery sector. Made in Italy means that every stage of production is carried out and overseen in Italy, employing professionals trained in the techniques and styles of Italian craftsmanship, with close attention to every detail and finished with the exquisite taste that makes us stand out in the world. Truly Made in Italy, not just for the label.

Our company was born and bred in Vicenza, the cradle of Italian gold-working and jewellery for centuries. Day after day we have assimilated the knowledge, taste and style inherent in this unique artisan tradition. Ancient knowledge that draws on the most advanced technologies in the processing of precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum) non-precious metals, in addition to other materials such as enamels, leather, and rubber.